This page includes some links to pictures and some short videos. On my links page, there are links to videos at a few external sites as well. I've included a few at the bottom of this page as well.

Fishing and outdoor pictures
On my Photobucket site, I created a slideshow with a bunch of assorted fishing (mostly) and outdoor pictures. Some old stuff, and many recent pictures. I update periodically with new photos...

Short subject videos

Pouring some lead sinkers in the spring

Interesting things that happen while out on the river...

Mercury Mark 10 tank test

Checking things out in the spring on the Fox

Releasing Kevin's big flathead cat... nice fish!!!

Misadventures in catfishing...

Sunday morning at the pond...please excuse that crazy hookset technique!!!

"The sound of the pond" (very tranquil)

First trip 2011 - June 18. Three spots, four flatheads!!!

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