Sample packing list for weekend trip

First, check your weather so you have all the right stuff.


shorts, shirts, sweatpants (can also sleep in), jeans/convertible pants, surf mocs/shoes for wading (optional), hat, sunglassess, etc...and don't forget Rain Gear

First Aid - First aid kit at least have some large and small bandages, disinfectant, polysporin, athletic tape, Tylenol/Ibuprofen, and any necessary meds (allergy stuff etc.)

Other important stuff - Toilet paper. Garbage bags. Duct tape. Rope/heavy cord. Bug Repellent and Sunblock. Cooler with plenty of ice for food, drinks (separate cooler for bait). Cup Cozy.

Camping stuff - Tent, Tarp, hammock, and sleeping bag (3 season/40 degrees is fine for summer trips). Sleeping pad (can use self-inflatable, or cheap blow up vinyl pool rafts work great).

Fishing/Boating Gear

Rods, catfish bag (w. sinkers, hooks, floats, dip bait/worms, small hooks to catch extra bait), Camera, Knife, and extra line. Your Spotlights/Headlamps are key for night fishing.

Boating gear: A suggested short list includes tool in case of break down, extra gas, oars, and of coarse standard safety gear (fire estinguisher, horn/whistle, lights for night fishing, PFDs


I bring foods easy to handle and prepare. For example, French bread/bagels travel better than soft bread, pre-cooked meats can be more convenient, etc. Instant rice (Uncle Bens) saves cooking time/fuel. Corn Meal, salt and pepper, and Corn Oil enable a quick fish fry. I like lots of protein food (breakfast sausage, Tuna, cheese, hot dogs, summer sausage, etc) and carbs (Rice, Pasta, Red Beans and Rice, etc) For recipes and other info see "Cooking"

Kitchen- Stove/grill if you're cooking, steel/alum. sauce pans and/or fry pans, non-stick fry pan is optional(pancakes, anyone.) You need coffee pot, cups, tongs, and utensils. Also bring matches, dishcloths and towels. If you're not using paper plates and plastic utensils, you can use an airtight tupperware box to keep dishes and utensils in. It even doubles as a washtub for clean-up. Get a box just big enough to hold your stuff neatly stacked inside.

DOn't forget donuts for the car ride out! I also bring a thermos/vacum bottle along...

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